Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
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Thursday, 6 March 2008

What does really matter most...?

The row over whether GPS should or shouldn’t work evenings is a sign of something much more significant than whether or not we, the public, want to see a GP at 8pm or whether or not GPs think it will even be deliverable

The debate the both the Scottish and British government needs to have is not one of targets

I know that I am not just disagreeing with the SNP but with my own party here but why we have got ourselves into a situation where we are prioritising wealth over health? The fundamental question is not “can GPs be organised in such a way that 8pm weeknight appointments are deliverable?", but "why our employment (which is the main barrier to getting to a GP during the day) is seen as so sacrosanct that our health needs come second to it?"

I know employers can’t have people running to the doctor every 5 minutes and there would be those who would play the system but them aside, why is it that most folk believe that their employer would not let them off their work to see a doctor? Or is that just what they think rather than what would actually be the case? I know many employers who are smart enough to see that facilitating things like GPs appointments means both healthier and happier employees who feel that they are being cared for as people.

Wealth creation is a necessary part of how we organise ourselves in society, But our health is more important, Surely it would cost less in what little might be lost to that wealth creation by letting folk go to the GP during the day than what it will cost to offer an evening service that does not reduce the day time service. More importantly, it would state clearly that our health is really more important than the creation of wealth

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