Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
The idea of Edinburgh is a combination of place, soul and symbolic leadership of a nation

Sunday, 2 March 2008

We didn't let it spoil our day but...

Mothers day began with breakfast in bed for the whole family, church and then a trip to my sister in laws for my nephews 1st birthday once my son had finished rugby practice.

Seems a normal enough day and it was except en-route to the party we (the family) were, for the first time ever, threatened in a road rage incident that shook us all.

My wife was driving along the dual carriageway overtaking some-one and in doing so was not breaking more than the speed limit when and this idiot in a soft top Saab raced up behind her, allowing his car to be within inches (and I mean inches, I do not exaggerate), flashing his lights and gesticulating rudely that he wanted through.

When my wife didn't immediately speed up to let him through, his hand gestures got worse. Having got ahead of the car she was passed, she pulled over into the nearside lane. This numpty then pulled over into the lane in front and started to slow down as he wanted us to stop. he then raced off to the next roundabout where he stopped and got out of the car and started to come across the road to us, as if ready for a fight.

Fortunately the road on the roundabout was clear and my wife was able to keep driving and we didn't have to stop.

Where do these guy learn that this kind of behaviour is acceptable? If he really was in a hurry why did he have time to stop? what is it about young men and cars? Is it really a substitute for some other kind of inadequacy, (physical or otherwise)?

My two kids were really shaken by the incident, really shaken. He could have killed us with his driving yet he wanted to attack us as if we had done something wrong. Yet that moron is probably in some pub right now, mouthing off as if he was in the right and his bullying and dangerous behaviour was acceptable. There's something really wrong with who we are as a nation if some people can somehow conclude that that kind of behaviour is acceptable.

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