Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

They can't make me, or my children, do it

I know that its being suggested by my party, or at least by some-one who chairing a commission set up by my party, but I join the long queue of people saying that the idea of compulsory citizenship ceremonies is bonkers.

Apart from the fact that I would have to ask my children to take a vow I would not be prepared to take myself, I can tell you from having presided over literally hundreds of rites of passage ceremonies they only work if those present want to be there.

I was cynical about the citizenship ceremonies for immigrants becoming citizen but I changed my view on them once I had the opportunity to take part in the. They work because those folk want to be there. To force some-one to take a vow is to render that vow meaningless and I think this idea is doomed from the start.


Anonymous said...

Why did you remove my comment in favour of citizenship ceremonies?

Ewan said...


I didn't. As far as I can see for some reason it wasn't ever posted.

I get an e mail alert when a comment is posted and there was no alert for a comment on this issue.

However, given that I have published your question and now replied, I hope that you will take that has confirmation that I will publish your comment if you post it again. i have no idea why your post wasn't recieved), but please accept my apologies and I look forward to hearing from you on the subject of citizenship ceremonies


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