Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
The idea of Edinburgh is a combination of place, soul and symbolic leadership of a nation

Saturday, 31 May 2008

A genuinely home grown festival

A great wee "that's my boy"moment this afternoon as my son won one of the prizes in the first Leith festival young writers competition It was a joy to see lots of great young talent (there were 9 winners) being encouraged by what is probably Edinburgh's least well known Festival, yet one that is wonderfully rich in variety and utterly embedded in the community from which it was born.

I would recommend a perusal round the website and if you have a moment, then fill it with one of the many events on offer. I am confident enough in the quality of the events to say that I will be surprised if you are disappointed.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Truth SNP/Libdem style

The Council meeting yesterday had a few wee highlights.
  • The Claim by the SNP/Libdems that they initiated the replacement of Castlebrae high School; Not True!
  • The claim that there is no connection between the Council Tax Freeze and the Single Outcome agreement; Not True
  • The claim there there will be no money for new schools for 3 years; I hope that ones not true but I doubt it.
  • The complete lack of support for the Convener of Education when questions were asked about the attack by Kenny MacAskill MSP. Not one word or support,. merely platitudes about the SNP...so we are not sure what's true; who supports who and who is saying one thing to one person and another thing to the next person... no change there then!

A vision and voices hears but nothing from those who should be leading

Yesterdays Full Council meeting was once again another marathon, mostly because despite the administration putting very little on the agenda, we raised the issues people want raised, like new schools, the closure of creches at Edinburgh Leisure, the abysmal organisation around the new {un)faier Scotland fund distribution and the plight of the Scots Music Group

the only real interesting thing put on the agenda by the administration was the presentation by deign champion Sir Terry Farrell and his 12 challenges for Edinburgh, which is the culmination of 4 years work. On that I am glad that the new administration have avoid their usual, “its Labour so we can’t have anything to do with it” stance and have helped this project continue to develop.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Edinburgh Labour goes online and more

Another first for Edinburgh Labour.. We are now on youtube.

In 2 short minutes of quality filming we expose the SNP'Libdem mal-administration for what it is, incompetent, incoherent and a danger to our great city.

I made similar comments in a article published today which you can see here.

All this negativity is not in my nature but some-one has to speak up for the city.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Yet another attempt to gag free speech

My esteemed colleague and fellow blogger Andrew Burns has made excellent comment on the farce that is the new "traffic lights" destined for the Council Chamber but I would like to add one further thought.

As I understand it, these lights will be operated, not by the Lord Provost, but by a council officer. I already suspected that officers were running the show behind the scenes but they are now going to be running our council meetings, deciding even how long councillors get to talk.

If ever there was an example of a Geoffrey Howes famous description of Thatcher as being "in power but not in charge" it is this SNP/Libdem mal-administration.

It makes little sense to me...

At the Portobello High School Meeting last night, Kenny McAskill, the local SNP MSP claimed that the SNP have already begun 40 schools.

But if you check this answer to a Parliamentary question by George Foukes MSP, you will find that not only were all 40 projects begun in Labours time in office, but they are all funded by Public Private Partnerships (PPP), which means 80% level playing field money. Mr McAskill condemned PPP as a funding mechanism at the same meeting, (as he has done consistently over the years.

So now we have the SNP Government saying that they have given all the money they are going to give for schools to councils so there is no point in coming for more and claiming that the Scottish futures trust will "replace PPP" and at the same time claiming credit for delivering 40 schools under PPP which involves giving 80% grant to authorities.

Now one can see the politics of this. Why would you cancel projects near to signing? But its a bit rich to refuse to give additional support top authorities who are trying to not use PPP, like the SNP/Libdems in Edinburgh (which will mean fewer schools built), then claim credit for schools, started by some-one else, using a funding mechanism you want to get rid of and requires 80% support!

Confused? You are not the only one...!

The dangers on being a decision free zone

I attended a brilliant if at times heated and challenging meeting of Portobello High school parents last night.

Brilliant because of the sheer passion for parents for education, campaigning for a school that their own children are unlikely to experience.

Heated because the person who the parents really wanted to question was not there (the Convener of Education, Children and Families) who sent four slides of bullet points instead, (no I have not made that up… I couldn’t!)

Hopeful because there is a sign that the SNP/Libdem administration are beginning to see the political reality and suggesting that instead of building 5 schools at once (as would have happened had we been in power) they only have money for one or two and so they should have a phased programme.

I will be arguing that Portobello should be in the first part of that phased programme. I suggested that it could be funded through a local trust to maximise the return from the present site, a suggestion which seemed to go down well.

As ever, of course, what this takes is decisions, something this administration is not good at….

Saturday, 24 May 2008

A kick above the rest

As a councillor I receive lots of invitations to events. Most of them I can't go because my diary is so full, to but its nice to be asked. Even if I am "free" on a Saturday evening however, I rarely go to things on a because that's family time and I don't get nearly enough of that.

Then every so often invitation comes along for a Saturday that intrigues me as happened tonight. I was asked to attend the Scottish show and championships for Kok Sool Won "martial art and for reasons that I can't explain, I agreed to attend.

I knew nothing about it but learned today that it is Korean in origin and was founded by one In Hyuk Su. He is the grandmaster... and he was there. In his 80s but seriously fit.

It was a brilliant event. A combination of ancient, almost liturgical ritual, dedicated training, discipline, agility that would have graced a gymnastics stage, energy and passion from the young people and more than a little humour.

I was glad I was not out there when they were swishing swords or breaking bits of wood with various parts of their anatomy but it I was very impressed.

It also made a change to go into a hall full of people in meadowbank stadium and get applauded... but that's another story altogether!

A long journey that will not get better by blame

I spent Friday evening at Portobello Town hall looking at some brilliant artwork by pupils in a competition to design a new school for Portobello,

This is a long saga, not helped by the propensity for the main figures in Government and the administration to fall out, blaming each other instead of coming up with a solution for the challenge.

If the creativity of these young people could be harnessed, Portobello will have the best designed school in Scotland. Lets hope its not blown away by the playground politics of claim and counter claim that seem at present to be sapping all our energies.

Another nail in the coffin of transparency

We have been asked our views on the Council leaders report. This is the report done by the Council Leader as part of the Council meeting. It goes to around 20,000 people by e mail as a way of communicating the vision and direction of the Council without the filter of the press.

The leader can then be questioned on the report, or any other matter as part of the Council meeting. The present administration don't like it because it is another form of scrutiny, something they hate. They have already made it more difficult for the public to come on delegations to the Council and now they want even less transparency.

Anyway, I was asked for my views and here is what I wrote in reply:

"My view and that of the Labour Group is that the Leaders report has the potential to play a distinctive role in democratic transparency, accountability and communication and to change its place as the precursor to the Council Meeting would send a message to the city that such things were not of importance to those charged with its Governance.

The Council is charged with leadership of the city. The holder of the post of Council leader personifies that role and should offer his or her regular reflections on the life and the direction of the City as part of the context in which the Full Council Meeting, as the sovereign body of the Council, makes the decisions set before it at each meeting.

I and the Labour Group regard this as matter of the principles of democratic accountability, not of party politics and any changes you may propose will be scrutinised in that context."

On part performance it will be ignored as have our views have been ignored again and again but I thought it worth saying anyway.

Friday, 23 May 2008

The time of change is coming, and fast

We are in real trouble. Not just the Labour Party, true as that is, but all of us. Oil is now at $135 a barrel. That is way past what's called Peak Oil, where the cost of oil outweighs its benefits and the energy used to extract it is greater than the energy it then provides.

These are dangerous times. And yet we still seems not to have grasped the problem. The debate is about tax on fuel or the price of food. Both are important but we are so addicted to oil that neither will be dealt with unless we deal with our addition.

The trouble is that the first step to dealing with an addition is admitting that you have an addiction and that is a long way off.

I made some predictions at the start of the year with mixed results. But this one I am confident but scared of: we are now entering the era of peak oil and from it there is no return, But the consequences for us all are horrendous .

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

It wusny me...honest!

I hate to say I told you so but today's out burst by Kenny MacAskill on the Edinburgh Schools fiasco is exactly what I meant when I said the "new relationship" between local and national Government would be one of blame.

The Scottish Futures Trust is a busted flush before it starts. The allegedly £3b given by the Scottish Govt. for infrastructure is for everything, not just schools. It includes flooding and housing and roads and all the others capital costs the Council faces. The Lib/Dems have no idea where to turn and their coalition partners will, of course, side with the Government and so leave the LibDems out in the cold. No-one knows where to turn so everyone starts blaming everyone else.

I hate to say I told you so because its the kids who will suffer out of this fiasco.. and that's not acceptable.

Doomed, thats what I am, doomed!

They say a week is a long time in Politics but now I understand what they mean! first of all its brought to my attention yesterday that this snp blog is touting me as a potential labour leader. Flattered as I am it's never going to happen, but then, the Tories today called for a £10m fund to be set up to give every child an "outward bound experience" which is exactly what is I called for last Friday to the national conference of the Scottish Anti Bullying network! to quote from my speech:

"schools should be given the resources and the legislative protection, so that they can without fear, offer every child at least one adventure or outward bound style experience in their time at that school.

I have no problem with schools being accountable for their actions. But when it comes to trips, lets not so tie them up with methods of accountability that stop them creating the kinds of opportunities for the kind of life changing experience I have seen again and again. As long as the school has taken reasonable steps to assess risk and plan against it, then schools should be encouraged and supported to take pupils to risky places.

Over protecting young people is as potentially damaging as under protecting them. If we wrap young people in cotton wool we are more likely to suffocate them rather than liberate them.!

First of all complements (of a sort) from the SNP and then Tory support for a policy announcement. As not one, but a number of colleagues have commented... to paraphrase Private Frazer "Ah'm doomed"!

ps I also in that speech called for extending not just maternity but paternity leave to a year each, to be taken either simultaneously or overlapping or consecutively or as some combination of part-time, so for example both parents would work half time for two years and receive support from the state for the other half time. Anything to give parents more time with their kids at as early an age as possible.

I await support for that... maybe I'll not hold my breath though....

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Any more Mr Micawber?

I had to laugh! The SNP announced today the next stage of their Scottish Futures Trust(SFT), (which as an alternative to PPP will be run by a private company!) at a conference at at Heriot Watt University, (rather than the Parliament, which is an interesting is less than democratic choice).

The big news is that it will bring £150m for all infrastucture a year... not just for schools but for everything, for the whole of Scotland. To put this is perspective, Labour put £2b into schools alone. Remember that this £150m they have announced is not new capital. Its a different type of borrowing and in the world of infrastructure its chicken feed, (the wave 3 schools in Edinburgh alone will cost £165m).

Its interesting that they didn't make any comment on the reaction to their consultation in which many people from across the board savaged the SFT idea as being so thin on detail that it would embarrass the back of a fag packet.

I think the SNP take the people for fools and think that by announcing a big number, (a la £25m for Council houses-- which will build around 25 in Edinburgh!), everyone will say its all ok.

One child, many consequences

The case (which you can read about here), of a child with significant learning difficulties being turned down for a residential school place because his "educational needs" was "being met" fills me with fear that the great promise of the Additional Support for Learning(ASL) Act is being lost.

Although this is an Edinburgh Case, I don't know the details nor do I want to. But I was involved in long discussions with the then minister of educations Peter Peacock MSP about the ASL Act when it was being drafted. I gave evidence to two Scottish Parliamentary Committees about the consequences of the act for Local Authorities and I headed up the CoSLA Bill team in developing the Local Authority response. Based on that experience, this judge is wrong.
The Judge argues that as long as the childs "educational needs" are being met, then the social and care needs are not relevant. But the fundamental premise of the act was that any barrier to learning should be taken into account, and any barrier included those things outside school that could make school a better place, like social and care needs. This act was to help the whole child. in one fell swoop the whole child has been lost to the silos of the system. This is not good news and I would call on ministers to act and act now to change this interpertation..

Friday, 16 May 2008

A word from our leader

I have spent some of the last two days at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland as I am co-presenting the BBC coverage.

The General Assembly has struggled to find its role after the arrival of the Scottish Parliament, having been for so long the nearest thing we had to something that resembled a one. I well remember a succession of Scottish Office Ministers and other politicians coming to listen to debates because those debates in some way at least, reflected Scottish opinion.

And then of course 20 years ago this week there was the sermon on the mound which was dsigned to shape Scottish opinion. I doubt that I have heard a less well advised speech to such an audience. The theology was dodgy, (the point of the good Samaritan story was not that he could help because he had created the wealth to pay the innkeeper), the presentation patronising, and the target of consensus well missed.

Gordon Brown is often accused of being Thatcherite and coming to the Assembly on this "anniversary" might be seen as him risking perpetuating that connection. But I think we will see that the opposite is the case and that far from another sermon on the mound, we will hear that his is a very different world view

Thursday, 15 May 2008

A great day for Scotland's Capital City

The trams contract has final been signed. Brilliant! Well done to everyone who was involved. This is a great result for Edinburgh and eventually for Scotland.

Of course, those traders who are struggling right now because of the works may not feel so elated and I respect and am very sympathetic to their plight. The support for them needs to be robust and effective and not always just about straight cash, though that will help a great deal.

We led this process from the front when we were in power, taking the challenges on the chin. My concern is that now its TIE (our implementation company) that are being expected to lead, to face the traders, to front the process at its most difficult time whilst administration politicians have been conspicuous by their absence. The thing is, they don't like to tough part of leadership, only the nice, popular bits.

But a project as big as this needs political leadership though the tough times to the prize. We know we won't get that from the SNP, who intended to cancel trams to pay for the scrapped tolls on the Forth bridge, (where is the cash for that mistake coming from now?). Lets hope sometime soon we get some leadership from the other half our the administration.

Well done the 'gers for getting this far for Scotland

So Rangers lost. I didn't see the game, (a busy Surgery and then a planning meeting for events later this week and over the weekend) , but by all accounts . They did not embarrass themselves, and nor Scotland either. And it has to be said that it is good news for Scottish Football that they made it, coming not that long after Celtic were finalists in the same competition.

There are many things I struggle with about how Rangers are perceived as a club, not least of which the sectarianism of a thankfully dwindling band of their support, but they are to be congratulated for getting this far and for holding Scotland's flag high on the European stage, something for which all of us, even lowly Dunfermline fans like myself, will benefit from in the long run as Scotland's game improves in quality and in self confidence.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

They just don't get it...

The SNP/Libdems administrations ability to ruin any attempt at consensus for fear of being seen to agree with an idea we had was taken to extremes today at the Policy and Strategy committee which dragged on for 4 hours.

As part of our response to the proposals for dealing with migration,I suggested that we draw on the experiences f those involved with the soon to be shut Edinburgh Refugee Centre. Having been part of the group that set it up I am sad its going but there seems little chance of a reprieve so I have to accept that., I suggested that they have a skill set however, that mean they understand how to help folk from other places cope with being in Edinburgh and we should draw on that wisdom.

Oh no the SNP/Libdems cry; "you are just being political and anyway we know everything there is to know about this issue and so we don't need to ask anyone's help, especially if you suggest it". Its pathetic really and sadly, those that will loose out are those who most need the help but that beyond the understanding of this lot.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Words fail me...

The SNP/Libdem view that when it comes to Princess street the time for talking is over is fascinating but as yet somewhat hollow, not least because of the recent 'projectedinburgh seminar, (projectedinburgh is the result of the work we began to revamp the city centre which the SNP/Libdems are now calling their own).

At the seminar I waited for talk of action. Instead, and I kid you not, their "action" is the production of at least 5 more strategies, including car parking and moving barriers and street furniture. Oh hud me back!

They have announced however, that their first project will be the Royal High School and Calton Hill. (thats the same Calton Hill where they put the lamp-post in the wrong place!).

Interestingly, I haven't yet seen that reported to any committee or to the Full council, but then we know just how much contempt they have for democratic accountability so I shouldn't really be surprised.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Talk soon, that is unless you are a community newspaper

Away for a wee break so won't be back blogging until Monday.

Whilst I am away, here's a couple of wee things to ponder;

The SNP/Libdems cliam that after one year they have taken tough decisions. Can they name one decision that they have introduced that does not simply reflect our priorities?

Can they explain how they will better communicate with local communities, (which they claimed we didn't do), by cutting community newspapers?

Thursday, 8 May 2008

SNP are Tartan Tories; Official

So the truth is out. The SNP really are Tartans Tories. Look at this Herald story where you will see he is making an offer to support a Tory Government, (despite decades of a constitutional object to any deal with Tories), and you will see man prepared to ditch any principle to gain power for his won glory.

Salmond portrays his government as a left of centre project because he knows that Scotland is essentially a country committed to common life, concern for your neighbour and common living, (all things that are the antithesis of toryism), yet underneath it all, he truly is as right wing as the Tories, caring little for those who suffer at the hands of the rich, the powerful and the globally untouchable as long as he gets his own way.

The sound of chickens coming home to roost echo round our nation as we discover the truth about a man prepared to "sup wi the de'il" for his own ends.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

When walking away is the plan

A quick view across the pond tells me that Barak Obama looks like being victor but the question now is "will he be so damaged by the fight that he cannot win the real battle which is with John McCain.

The Chinese struggle when it looks like they will lose face in any situation. That is not unique to China. If it really is the case that Hillary Clinton now cannot win, she should find an exit strategy that places her country before her ambition. But it seems to me that she feels she can't do so without "loosing face".

Is she brave enough to risk that for her country? That, ironically would be both real leadership and a great role model but she is probably in too deep to see that and its not clear now if there is anyone strong enough that she would listen to so she could see the bigger picture.

Leadership is sometimes saying enough is enough and walking away with dignity, but in the hothouse that is American presidential politics such sentiments are probably even more idealistic than I usually am

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Will they walk the walk

I welcome Jenny Dawe's comments on Princes Street, where she says that "the time for talking is over", but as ever the SNP/Libem administration stop short of real action.

Private sector comments that "the biggest challenge is overcoming the 'myriad' of different owners on Princes Street" are spot on. But there is a solution; the Council uses its Compulsory Purchase Powers backed by private cash to get the City to where we it need to be. That way, the Council does more than talk, we lead.
Mind you, this is not news to regular readers. Its exactly what we proposed for the budget meeting which the SNP/Libdems, in their usual fit of pique, refused to discuss.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Its a question of bottle...

Just how brave is Alex Salmond?

Wendy Alexander is spot on when she says she does not fear a referendum on independence. Lets have that referendum, put the independence nonsense to bed and then we can focus on exposing this SNP populist government for what it is, a one trick pony who will say anything to stay in power.

The SNP don't really want a referendum now because they know they will loose. That's why their response to Wendy Alexanders challenge is, er, ok, when we said we want a referendum, we meant not now, but in 2 years times, maybe...

They want lots of fights with Westminster so the debate is about conflict not nationhood. They want to wait until 2010 so have created as many conflicts as possible so the argument is around who said what to whom, not whether we should break up 300 years of partnership with 3 other nations. Yes, Alex, bring it on if you dare.

The elderly saved from SNP/Libdem budget attack

I was delighted to see that the SNP/LibDems administration has spun another U turn on attempt to remove home care for elderly people. Their finance driven plans had removed home care from some very frail and elderly, including a 99 year old in my ward who was to loose all her support.

This U turn is a direct result of our scrutiny as a Labour Group. Once again it is down to us to protect the vulnerable. Expect more of the same as we expose the ineptitude of this administration is exposed.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Porty's boys did us proud

Spent the morning with my boy at Murray field watching Portobello Rugby Club narrowly loose to Aberdeen University in the Scottish Hydro electric plate Final.

It was a nailbitter with Porty letting the Aberdeen side go 19 points ahead before fighting back to 21-22 before the students scored a late try. But the Porty boys fought until the end and did their club proud in what was Portobello's first national final for many years.

I continue to be in awe of Porty's ability to be such an inclusive and active club built entirely on the commitment and dedication of a huge team of volunteers. Thanks to them literally hundreds of boys and girls from age 6 upwards enjoy rugby week in and week out. They are a credit to their community and to our city.

This is the real wake up call

Much more worrying that Boris winning, and that is bad enough, is the fact that the BNP (British national party) won a seat on the Assembly.

The argument about free speech as a moral given must be balanced by the argument about justice and equality. The BNP do not believe in equality. Nor, by their candidates comments in his speech, do they understand the need at times to support some people more than others.

Theological I look to Galatians chpt 3 v28 were the writer says simply, "In Christ there is no male or female, Jew or gentile, slave or free. all are one in Jesus Christ". Not all are one if they are the same as the indigenous population. Gentiles did not have to become like Jews to be part of Gods people. All are one in Christ. The rise of the BNP is a warning of the dark side of humanity becoming acceptable and we all have to be prepared to stand up and be counted

With a right wing Mayor and a right wing extremist on the Assembly, this is a sad day for Britain's Capital City

Some results mean more than just who won

Boris won. That is the crucial result tonight. The local elections are important and for the individuals, towns and cities concerned vitally so, but the national picture has changed forever with Boris as Mayor

That has nothing to do with what he will do as Mayor and everything to do with how it shifts Labours place at the heart of the nation.

In politics how politicians are perceived plays as big a role as what they do in deciding whether or not they are re-elected. Ken was a brilliant Mayor of London. The Labour party we have done some amazing things, (10 years of economic growth, minimum wage, hundreds of thousands out of poverty, devolution, civil partnerships etc, etc) , but no politician wins solely on their record because political support for anyone comes from the heart as much as it does the head.

And if it feels like we are no longer at the heart of things, that affects how people feel about placing their trust in us as leaders.

This condition is not permanent. It is changeable and no-one has the ability to change it like the Labour party has. But the journey is on with huge mountains to climb and some of the toughest terrain any party has ever faced.

And whilst Boris's win is to be acknowledges, the message the Labour party must listen to very hard is something much more than the fact that London has lost some-one special tonight.

Friday, 2 May 2008

leadership is not a word they understand

At yesterdays Full council meeting, the SNP/LibDems refused to support a motion supporting the South Suburban Railway, a piece of local infrastructure that most people think is a good plan. Instead they said they would just like a committee to discuss it.

They say they want it to happen but won't commit to it. They also didn't have it in the Single Outcome Agreement that is suppose to be our master plan for the city. Yet now they are saying they are committed to it.

This, as will all major projects requires leadership, real, political leadership. Their performance so far on the south sub is one example of why that phrase is not in their lexicon.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

A rant and much silence

Another City of Edinburgh Full Council meeting today, the sovereign body of the Council. Another 7 hours of my life I won't get back but that I can hardly argue were used constructively!

I asked the LibDem leader when we would finally get her vision for Edinburgh. I was treated to a rant about how hard things had been, that they had delivered trams (not yet, but our plan), a Skateboard Park, (again not yet, and she voted against such a thing when in opposition), capital city status, (not in the LibDem manifesto, but in both ours and the Scottish Labour Manifesto), and to be honest, not much else.

It was quite a rant but I still await an answer to my question. When will we know what the SNP/Libdem administration vision for Edinburgh is...

We also discussed the draft single outcome agreement with the Scottish Government, the document that will determine whether or not we get money for next years Council tax Freeze.
We, (the Labour group), argued that this whole process demeans local government, undermines our ability to set our own agenda and gives us an unfunded wish-list that we will get the blame for not delivering.

Not one member of the SNP group spoke in the debate and only 3 members of the Lib Dems.. is that because they don't understand the ramifications of the decisions they are taking, or they do but are too scared to say. either way, its bad news for Edinburgh.

The (finally) sweet smell of success

A stink about sewage has us suddenly coming up smelling of roses!

There was a horrible leak of huge quantities of effluent into the Forth in April last year, right before the election, from the Seafield sewage plant, something notorious for its smells and struggles with effective plant management.

I remember it well because I was Leader of the Council at the time, trying to get re-elected against a barrage of criticism about Iraq, Council tax, memories of congestion charge, meadowbank etc against which our otherwise excellent record was being judged.

i got a phone call from an officer as I was leafleting Restalrig Square. There, that's how well I remember it! The voice said simply "There's been a major leak from Seafield"

Now I am not saying that was when I knew we wouldn't be in power but lets just say I don't think my heart sank lower all campaign. But I dealt with it and more importantly, the staff dealt with it and brilliantly.

Why am I telling you this. Well an independent report out today praises our response. Of course, the SNP/Libdem administration can't bring themselves to acknowledge our role, but they at least thank the staff, which is progress. And to those staff I add my thanks for work well beyond the call of duty.

It does make a change for their hard work to be recognised. I won't be holding my breath for it to be front page news however. that would be just too much to ask, wouldn't it!

Surgery Times

1st Wed @ Piershill Library, 30 Piershill Terrace.
2nd Wed @ Craigentinny Community Centre, Loaning Rd.
3rd Wed @ Duddingston Primary School, Duddingston Rd.

All 7:15pm -7:45pm

and the last Sat. Lochend YWCA, 198 Restalrig Road South
12noon -1pm

(no appointment needed, all during school terms)
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