Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
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Saturday, 3 May 2008

This is the real wake up call

Much more worrying that Boris winning, and that is bad enough, is the fact that the BNP (British national party) won a seat on the Assembly.

The argument about free speech as a moral given must be balanced by the argument about justice and equality. The BNP do not believe in equality. Nor, by their candidates comments in his speech, do they understand the need at times to support some people more than others.

Theological I look to Galatians chpt 3 v28 were the writer says simply, "In Christ there is no male or female, Jew or gentile, slave or free. all are one in Jesus Christ". Not all are one if they are the same as the indigenous population. Gentiles did not have to become like Jews to be part of Gods people. All are one in Christ. The rise of the BNP is a warning of the dark side of humanity becoming acceptable and we all have to be prepared to stand up and be counted

With a right wing Mayor and a right wing extremist on the Assembly, this is a sad day for Britain's Capital City


Malc said...


I agree! I'm all for freedom of speech, and, like Voltaire, I detest what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. And I would never stop the BNP standing in elections - despite my hatred of all that they stand for.

But you are right - it is sad reflection on a democracy when it's people cannot see a better option than the BNP.

That is the challenge facing our political parties today - apathy is driving voters to the BNP. How can we stop that?


Ewan said...


For all our parties we need a return to the grass roots and to better understand how energy for change is best used. Its a contradiction to say apathy drives them to the BNP. If they were apathetic they would go no where, its not apathy, its anger, but its anger at feeling left out rather than anger at those who are the target for their abuse although it is articulated as anger at them.

The trouble is this is about how people feel, not about policies, numbers, cash or legislation. creating a political narrative that touches those emotions that really drive our political choices is very difficult.

Thatcher did it with her shopping basket and her Falklands campaign, Bush did it with "family values" and removal of "tax burdens" , ie tax cuts, Blair did it with education education education (I care for your kids) and I'm a straight talking guy, but generally speaking (apart from Blair), the left has struggled probably since Harold Wilson to tell that story of identification well and without that the culture that breeds the BNP will survive.

Not sure if that answers your question but its my thoughts on the matter

good wishes


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