Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
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Thursday, 8 May 2008

SNP are Tartan Tories; Official

So the truth is out. The SNP really are Tartans Tories. Look at this Herald story where you will see he is making an offer to support a Tory Government, (despite decades of a constitutional object to any deal with Tories), and you will see man prepared to ditch any principle to gain power for his won glory.

Salmond portrays his government as a left of centre project because he knows that Scotland is essentially a country committed to common life, concern for your neighbour and common living, (all things that are the antithesis of toryism), yet underneath it all, he truly is as right wing as the Tories, caring little for those who suffer at the hands of the rich, the powerful and the globally untouchable as long as he gets his own way.

The sound of chickens coming home to roost echo round our nation as we discover the truth about a man prepared to "sup wi the de'il" for his own ends.


Jeff said...

Given the Tories have just polled 49% I would say there are a lot of people happy to "sup with the devil" across the UK right now.

Communication and compromise is the new way in which politics is being utilised across the country. Good to see that as the polls shown an inexorable decline for Labour you still continue to put your fingers in your ears and fight the tired Punch and Judy party politics that people are tiring of.

As we've seen with Brown inviting Thatcher to Downing St, with UK Labour nicking the Tories' better policies, with Blair making a conscious move to the right, with the SNP embracing Scottish Tories to pass their budget and now with Salmond perhaps voting with Cameron in the interests of Scotland, it seems better the devil you know....

And SNP in Scotland isn't left wing? So abolishing tuition fees, abolishing unfair council tax, abolishing prescription charges, opposing the Iraq War, resisting Trident nuclear weapons and moving away from PFI doesn't sound left wing?

I think the Scots you mention who are committed to "common life, concern for their neighbours and common living" are very happy with the SNP right now, as poll after poll after poll is showing us.

The chicken sounds you hear may well infact be Wendy's squawking on independence referendums, but i doubt it'll be a noise that will bother us all for too much longer.

Ewan said...

Oh Jeff my fingers are not in my ears at all. i know just how badly we are doing and just how much we have failed miserably to communicate the values that we had dear. The Tories are not winning votes, we are loosing them and yes, I know just how self inflicted that is.

But you seem yourself to accept SNP spin uncriticallY. The SNP haven't abloished Council tax and their Local Income tax is not local nor will it increase income for public service, the SCottish Futures Trust (alternative to PFI has been rubbished by all who have seen the little detail the SNP have put out. The only schoos being built in SCotland are PPP schools, 80% of people aready have free prescriptions, its only the better off who will benefit from removal of prescriptio charges, if the target was those with long termer aliments then that could have been dealt with in other ways, Iraq and Nuclear weapons, sure, i oppose them too but the SNP don't have the ability to decide these things, so no I am not convinced of the SNPs commitment to left wing politis and the decions that move from words to action.

Anyway, nice to hear from you again


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