Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
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Thursday, 28 August 2008

A wee sign of hope!

Some months ago we got a motion passed about colorectal services staying at the Western General Hospital (WGH), in opposition to the call by the SNP led West Lothian Council to have them moved to St Johns in Livingston. The SNP passed the motion to keep their hospital campaigner coalition partners on board. We now have the letter from the Health minister and somewhat surprisingly, she agrees with us and not her SNP colleagues in West Lothian. She say "NHS Lothian have indicated that there is clinical evidence, in the form of better clinical outcome, for retaining an integrated clinical service at the WGH... I support the Boards decision"

It seems on this occasion that the SNP have ignored their own councillors and sided with us for which I am very grateful. So, here goes, recognition for doing what's right and words I never thought I would write!; "I congratulate the health minister for putting clinical analysis before party political agendas. Retaining this service at the WGH will mean better patient care, more lives saved and better use of NHS resources." See, there, I've said it!


D Thomson said...

I must admit, I do like your blogging style Ewan. Very to-the-point and you don't have to grind through lots of 'big' political wording.

On the support from the Health minister - excellent. A bit of positivity in Scottish politics eh!

Ewan said...

Thanks for this. I have always tried to "tell it like it is" and my limited understanding of blogging suggests that short and regular is better and if the health minister does what we ask, then why waste words saying otherwise!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to do this.....the idea of passing motions about a colorectal unit raised a smile.

Ewan said...

nice one anonymous, should have seen that coming. Still I suppose I can only reply that with patter like that you should be flushed with success

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