Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

They do not tell the truth

I have just spent an excellent and thoughtful away day with the staff from my department in my new job. My reflective mood was shattered when I returned to an e mail from one of my constituents who had requested permission to attend as a delegation to Thursdays Full Council meeting to discuss the number 12 bus (I have put up a motion following the decision to cut the bit of its route that goes through my ward). Here's what my constituent had to say;

"I have just received an email saying the Lord Provost has deferred this matter to the Transport Infrastructure and environment Committee and a meeting will be held on 23 SEPTEMBER at 10 am.

Since the proposed change is supposed to take place on 1 October there is little chance of us having any effect on the decision to axe the bus.

I am incandescent with rage at the moment!!!

Is there anything else we can do?

I have written to Lothian Buses and asked if anyone would come to a residents meeting to hear our views but as yet have not had a reply.

It smacks of delaying tactics so that we will be too late to do anything".

The SNP/Libdem administration did not tell the truth to the people of Edinburgh. They said they would listen more, they would be more transparent, they would be more accessible and as well as all that, they they promised better bus services. They have failed on all counts.

They just don't get it. My constituent is not a political animal, just are just an ordinary voter wanting to be beard but who instead is dismissed and ignored. The SNP/Libdems may think its safe to ignore us, but their dismissal of ordinary voters is politically fatal and it will be a self inflicted wound.


Anonymous said...

You, as an honest person, of course, told the constituent that the route of all evil lies with the tram decision promoted by your good self.

McMadman said...

Not telling the truth in the same way you claimed there were millions left in the kitty on leaving power but the truth was under £250k ?

Ewan - shameful spin, even for a politician.

Ewan said...


Go look at the numbers. You will find what I said was absolutely true. Infact, the administration admitted in answer to a Council question I put to them that they could use the millons we left as they wished as any designation was a political decision.


The trams will save this city in a way that few other decisions will. It is one of the best things we did for the city and we did many good things. I know that its tough getting them in but it remains a price worth paying.

thanks to both of you for posting


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