Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
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Monday, 11 February 2008

Theres no such thing as a free bridge

So tolls on the Forth and Tay bridges gave finally gone. A happy day for some. Others, like myself, are not so sure. Far from becoming “free”, the tax-payer will stall have to foot the bill for bridge maintenance but more importantly, we will all pay the price for the increased congestion it will cause.

A report to Council in June last year estimated an increases in congestion of up to 10%. Commitments were made by both Holyrood and the Council administration to act on this but I see nothing yet and so our lungs and those of our children along with our street-scape and our roads will pay the price of populism. No, today is not a happy day.


Green_Anorak said...

At last, a Labour politician that talks sense about the Forth Bridge! Give that man an obsolete toll token for his troubles!

I assume you'll be taking your party colleague Helen Eadie MSP to one side at the next party conference and explaining a few traffic facts to her? Mind you, not that she would allow facts to get in the way of her populist drive for the lowest common denominator.

Ewan said...

Nice to hear from you green_anorak.

I have felt like a bit of a lone voice, though not completely, The trouble is my party got itself into a fankle with the Skye bridge and never worked out how to counter the "its oor bridge it should be free" populism (and that includes me, I believe in collective responsibility) and so this was the "logical" consequence, but the other consequences will be far greater I fear. And yes Helen Eadie and others of her ilk know my view and continue to hear it


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