Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

And if he fails....

I am intrigued by Alex Salmonds threat to resign if he doesn’t get his budget through. A bit of brinkmanship I thought at first but actually there is a wee bit of honesty about it, (that was tough to type!). Thing is, he’s running a minority administration, That means everything has to be by consensus. The budget is the core frame of reference for any other decision-making through-out the year. If a consensus can’t be reached on that, (even if it is a consensus of only half plus one of the MSPs), then the opportunity for consensus on anything else is surely limited and the basis of minority government is that consensus can be reached on issues that matter.

Now I have no doubt that Alex Salmond has chosen the timing of his comments very carefully and that it’s everything to do with promoting the SNP and very little to do anything else, but he is right. If he can’t get his budget through he should resign but were he to do so, it would be an act of some integrity and should be seen as such.


Malcolm Harvey said...

Nice to see someone from an opposition party note the integrity of the FM's position. And you are right - the room for consensus is very limited if the budget does not pass.

It is brinkmanship as well though - carefully timed, and he knows the weakness of his opposition that he feels confident enough to make that assertion. But if he resigns it will be an act of his integrity, and I applaud your honesty in recognising it as such - despite your political views!

Ewan said...


thanks for this. We all need to raise our game, me included and if this gave me a wee opportunity to attempt to do so then that is to the good


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