Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Talk about the wrong priorities...

At a parent council meeting in my ward tonight, one of the ruling SNP/Libdem councillors admitted that school budgets are likely to be cut up to 2% in next years budget. This is on top of the last years 1.5% cut they were hit with. Those cuts translated into cuts of about £90k per high school and £20k per primary school which schools won't get back again as well as whatever 2% will mean.

We then find that the SNP/Libdems say reserves are their priority. So lets get this straight, kids education will suffer so they can get money in the bank. Its a scandal.

Despite what the present administration claim, we left £50m in the bank. we protected schools from cuts and built or refurbished 34 buildings. They are offering cuts on their previous cuts, an ever increasing overspend and no new schools so they can squirrel away cash for some, as yet undeclared purpose. I don't know how they sleep at night.


kenny murphy said...

'Scotland's Party' neglecting our future. It's about time Scotland's mainstream media woke up to the reality of the SNP in power.

Ewan said...

couldn't have put it better myself Kenny

Suzy said...

I have first hand experience of this.

My daughter requires extra help due to having recurrent glue ear since since the age of 3 weeks which resulted in periods of episodic "deafness".

She is 2 years educationally behind her peers yet there is NO funding to give her the extra help she so desperately needs. In fact I was told about the 1.5% reduction in budget by my daughter's school when they advised me they could not "fund" any extra help for her!

Thankfully I had the sense to search out charities which would perhaps assist a child's development and I was lucky enough to secure a grant which now enables my daughter to go to Kumon maths and English.

I often think about how fortunate myself and my daughter are that I am in a position where I can *think* about what to do for the best. That said however, how many other children fall by the wayside due to the fact there is NO funding to help them.

Our kids are being failed, without a shadow of a doubt, by 'Scotland's Party' and our kids are our future - very, very sad state of affairs!!!

Ewan said...

Suzy; its a scandal and they need to exposed as the chancers that they are. Your story is one of hundreds where kids are suffering because they can't do they're job properly.


Suzy said...


I have no fear that they will be exposed. The worry I have is the time it will take and the damage that will be done before the people of Scotland finally have the chance to right a terrible wrong and kick the SNP well into touch!

Ewan said...

Suzy Oh how I hope that you are right!


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