Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
The idea of Edinburgh is a combination of place, soul and symbolic leadership of a nation

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Calman, a work in progress perhaps hindered by itself..

The interim report from the Calman commission does not have a lot of hard proposals but then, given that it is a "work in progress" that should not be a surprise. This is about the future of Scotland and so seven months of listening and reflecting, whist not insubstantial, is not enough time to do justice to the task. That being said, the two serious issues that the commision has excluded, a second chamber and full fiscal autonomy, need a wee comment or two.

A second chamber was never going to happen when there is still a view by some that we are already over our quota of layers of government and politicians., Despite the fact that this is not a actually true if we are compared to other countries of a comparable size, in politics perception is all and a conclusion that we needed more politicians, was never going to be popular.

Fiscal autonomy is another story altogether, ruled out because it is "inconsistent with the union" is not helpful. The message it send's out is that, in the most crucial of areas, we are not going to consider all the options.

I have long agreed with the view that the most significant theological decisions are made in the finance committee and so it is the same with political decisions. The block grant model cannot stay. It feels like control from London. It isn't, but it feels like it, and because it feels like it, the case for devolution as an effective expression of self identity is undermined. We many not be yet at the stage of moving to full fiscal autonomy but to rule it out at this point was not wise for it suggest a lack of confidence or ambition which is not helpful to the Unionist cause of which I remain a committed member.


kenny murphy said...

The SNP is on the slide.

Our UK Labour government should end this constitutional nonsense for a generation.

Through Westminster legislation a referendum should be put to the Scottish people.

'Do you wish to see Scotland leave Britain?' Yes or No.

Then with a large No vote we can get on with the continuation of the devolved arrangement at Holyrood that is actually working.

Although not with the current minority administration obviously...

Ewan said...


interestingly thats what Wendy suggested but was lambasted for. Whenever it comes and whoever its driven by, I am confident that the vote will be no but who knows when that will be now...


kenny murphy said...


Wendy was absolutely correct. The battle must be taken to the Nats. Unionists are in my opinion far far too defensive.

They've been allowed to hijack our national flag and their 'Scotland's Party' nonsense should have been challenged head-on long long before now.

The reality is - As proven in every election based on actual votes and almost every opinion poll - that the majority of us are against division and separation.

Brown has become brave these past few mopnths. He should extend that to his own backyard and set a referendum and end this Nationalist nonsense for a generation.

Ewan said...

That time will come Kenny, it will come but perhaps not until he has been relected himself....

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