Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
The idea of Edinburgh is a combination of place, soul and symbolic leadership of a nation

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Here's a starter for ten Gordon..

Though I know my place in the political food-chain is not one of influence I would offer these thoughts on what Gordon Brown could suggest as he faces the Labour Conference;
  • Tax is what we do to look after each other; to ask those who have more to look after those who have less is a good principle of the human good and so raising taxes of the better off to achieve that is not a vote looser, on the contrary, it would help people believe that you cared.
  • Happiness is something borne of the soul, it comes from our feelings of contentment with our living. To call a peace born of fear a good thing is to misunderstand the human condition. Nuclear weapons as symbol of peace being no more than a lack of war, they do not bring peace and should be removed from our soil, not simply because of their cost but because they damage our shared national soul.
  • Poverty is not simple a statement of economics, it is something that eats at the very soul of those who suffer from it. If we can find huge some to bail out the banks because it is good for the economy, then surely lifting those who are in poverty would have a similar good effect for our economic well being. A plan to build real eco-towns with homes that are carbon neutral would both help those who need the work and the planet that needs the break. We cannot depend on the market to lead where real risks are required.
  • If relationships are built on trust and communication then a Union that is well connected is a union that will stay strong, for example through a fast link between Scotland and the south of England, Building a serious fastlink service will cut short haul flights, allow movement betweenScotland and England faster than planes can provide, create jobs and be a huge expression of confidence in the Union., With the new planning laws it could be done more quickly and be serious green contributor to the idea of public transport as a core service.
None of these are particularly radical policies but they are clear, consistent and concentrate on what people care about, fairness, sharing, having a home over their heads, a job to go to and how they get around, oh and the environment. The so called green agenda is the one that will make or break the aspirants for political power in Britain; and thank God for that, because if we screw that one up then we are all doomed, not just Gordon.


John Wallace said...

I like them all without reservation.

Don't know if any will make it into the speech tomorrow though.

Ewan said...

As I guessed and you surmised, they didn't but I still think that they were worth saying and that there is more chance of them getting a real hearing in Labour than in any other party...


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