Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
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Thursday, 25 September 2008

The church is rubbish, official!

I was involved yesterday in the writing of a press release to tell the world that the church is rubbish... well, at least that, in Glasgow, a church is about to build a new building out of old materials. In an attempt to be very antithesis of the throwaway society, Colston Milton Parish church in Glasgow has just been awarded £42,000 from the Scottish Government's climate challenge fund to see if it can build a new home for the congregation out of the waste around them.

It is a brilliant project which will do much more than simply give the congregation and the community a new resource. It will embed into the very fabric of the community the idea that one persons waste is another persons valuable commodity. It is an idea that is already taking shape in the minds of local people. Apparently even the local street drinkers have been turning up with their empty beer cans at the manse to make their "offering to the Lord!"


James said...

Hi Ewan,
Glad to see the church got the funding: any chance of pointing out that the fund only exists because the Greens proposed it in some constructive negotiations with the SNP?

All the best,

Ewan said...


the fund is a good thing and if that's how it came about then well done to all involved.. is this something resembling consensus politics!?

thanks for your comment


James said...

Hi Ewan,
Yes indeed it is, thank goodness for minority government: some are born consensual, some achieve consensus, but some, like Salmond, have consensus thrust upon them. I feel a blog post coming on..

Do encourage anyone else you have contacts with to apply to the fund: it's a great opportunity for communities with ideas on how to cut their carbon and boost employment.

Ironically, when a motion praising the fund came up at the Council, I understand the SNP & the Liberals voted it down. Consensus has its limits, apparently.


Ewan said...


thats a fairly accurate description of the facts! You may be please to know that, in my new role in the church, I have responsibility for staff working on eco congregations and we will be using that network to make sure the fund is well publicised

As for consensus politics on the council, Dunfermline Athletic will win the SPL before that happens...



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