Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
The idea of Edinburgh is a combination of place, soul and symbolic leadership of a nation

Monday, 7 July 2008

Choosing to stand up for what she believes in

A few days after my announcement that I was resigning the leadership of the Labour Group to take up a job with the church I was stopped by Margaret Curran as I walked through the Parliament. She said what many have said; "It was a wee surprise you going back to the church I am sorry to see you step down but congratulations on your job". My response to her was as it was to the others; "I might be changing jobs I will be standing up for the same things that I always have".

Now its her turn to choose a change of direction by standing for Labour in Glasgow East. And good on her. She will be standing up for the things she has always stood for; Justice, equality and speaking up for the silenced. And she will do it well as she always has. And as she has so often, she has stepped up to the plate when others faltered. so even more power to her elbow. Thanks to her choice, I think that Labour can win this seat and begin again to get Labour values back on the political agenda.


John Wallace said...

Glasgow East is Brown’s dirty little secret: a hideous, costly social experiment gone wrong.

Glasgow East symbolises — as few other places in Britain can — the fact that the problem Labour faces is not just lack of leadership but lack of mission. What is to be seen in this constituency encapsulates and dramatises Labour’s abject failures to comprehend, let alone tackle, the nature of the poverty which grips our council estates.

(c) Fraser Nelson 2nd July 2008

Ewan said...

And your answer John would be... what exactly...

Gordon Brown has done more to get rid of poverty in this country and abroad than you or Fraser Nelson ever have or ever will. Sure life in some parts of Glasgow East are not good but its easy to carp from the sidelines, offering nothing but criticism and no solutions, its a whole lot more difficult to stand up and be counted and be accountable...


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