Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
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Friday, 11 July 2008

Chaos when its not needed

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The road works to convert the Kings road roundabout into traffic lights at the entrance to Portobello are a pain but will produce a better and safer result. Sadly, as ever with this SNP/Libdem mal-administration manage to screw up the implementation of anything and everything and this is no exception.

They shut off all the side roads in the surrounding area so that rate running would be reduced. Fair enough. But then they shut off Wakefield Avenue which joins Craigentinny Road, ie the main, arterial route through the ward, which meant buses were diverted. Suddenly everyone in that area who doesn't have a car, and there are a significant number, had no access to public transport. When I suggested they open Wakefield to buses only, the reply was, we can't, motorists would abuse the rule. So, instead of encouraging public transport use, we are once again ruled by the few petrol head idiots who ignore the rules of the road. Once again, those whose choices help the environment are discriminated against and those car drivers who obey the rules are tarred with the same brush and this SNP/Libdem lot are not brave enough to stand up to them. (they also refused to cover the bus stops so folk were standing there waiting for buses that would not come)

Mind you., its those same fuel imbibing morons whose stupidity means we have to spend a fortune on traffic calming and traffic management to keep kids safe. It really irritates me that these fools mean all car drivers get a bad name and we can't spend the hard earned tax payers cash we spend on limiting their excesses on things that would be constructive like schools and sports facilities

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