Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Useless doesn't really tell the story

I have blogged before on the disaster that is the changes to the Kings Road roundabout at Seafield Road. This was an excellent scheme that we got the money for that has be turned into an utter disaster area by the SNP/Libdem administration.

I asked officials for more information about the lack of progress. They have now told me that the completion date is 3rd April (6 months late) and that they still don't know how much the delays will cost or what other work won't be done because of the overspend on this project.

I know that I said I wanted to find a new language for my comments about the SNP/Libdems, but I struggle to so what other words I can use than completely incompetent on this one


Leaves on the line said...

Since when did individual councillors manage road building projects? Just as Andrew Burns wasn't personally responsible for the horrors of CETM in 2005, this blessed roundabout isn't really the responsibility of the councillors...
It does however underline the gross incompetence of the paid officials within the council's transport department - something that you guys didn't fix prior to 2007....

Ewan said...

Interesting thoughts,,, but very much the view of the SNP/Libdems, take the credit when things go well but blame some-one else when things go wrong. Sure its not the job of an individual councillor to project manage a piece of work but, when things go wrong, as in this case, they should be involved in the recover plan asking questions like what will this cost, how will we pay for it and when will it be finished. None of that seems to have happened and that's what I object to.

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