Where we are and where we will be

Where we are and where we will be
The idea of Edinburgh is a combination of place, soul and symbolic leadership of a nation

Sunday, 12 October 2008

The solution will not be found in cheap politcial point scoring

The credit crunch will hit us all no matter who we are so it is unacceptable of the SNP to try to engineer a political point even when everyone else is trying to work together. The claim that Scotland is owed £1b is nothing more than a "I haven'y a clue what to do so I'll blame it on Westminster" politics. After trying desperately to be the heroes of the hour with talk of buying HBOS when it was patently obvious that this was fairyland political posturing, the £1b claim is an attempt to create another "if only we were independent" story at a time when what is abundantly clear is that we need each other as nations more and more. Given that no Government is saying they can act alone, most Governments are saying they will follow the support model devised by Westminster and the cash needed by banks dwarfs the figure the SNP are demanding, what exactly is it the SNP think they could do that is not being don by Westminster? At a time when we needed statesmanship, their attempts at "oneupmanship" has simply let Scotland down.


D Thomson said...

Quite right Ewan - it's not on at all. The minute I saw that in the papers, my face screwed up into a metaphorical ball of fury. Well, not that angry, but you know - it's a bit annoying.

The SNP have posted a breakdown of the £1.2bn that they deem due to Scotland. Some dazzlingly tentative claims amongst the breakdown. £400m CTB money if..., £184m for Lottery money that was diverted 9 months ago and money that has been withdrawn so shouldn't even be considered. Unreal.

Not only is the financial side of things a tad on the wild side, the timing of it all has the word 'tactical' written all over it.

Ewan said...

Thanks for this. I expect little else from the SNP who cannot help themselves. They are, after all, a party built for opposition even when in power..


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